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Recovering Funds From Your Trezor Wallet

Trezor is one the most popular hardware wallets, which allow you to safely store your crypto off-line, making it inaccessible to hackers. However, if you lost your recovery seed, you may find yourself unable to recover your funds.

This is where Bitcoin Recovery Co. comes in. We specialize in cyber security, and through ethical hacking, are able to assist in the retrieval of various crypto currencies.

Keeping Your Private Keys Secure

Your seed phrases are your private keys. Anyone with access to these, will have access to your crypto. Ideally, these will be kept somewhere that is resistant to floods and fire. There are a number of solutions available for this online. You may not want to store your keys on the premises or at home, in the event of a robbery.

We recommend keeping them in a tamper-evident bag, which is designed to help you assure that no one has accessed the contents without your knowledge. You will want to be sure to correctly label the bag, to keep from having to open it as you don’t remember exactly what is inside, particularly if you have multiple. It is also a good idea to sign the bag, to ensure that it hasn’t been repackaged either.

Without access to your seed phrases, they will need to have the physical device as well as the PIN number. Obviously, you do not want to share that anymore than your private keys.

If you have locked yourself out, and are fairly sure that you will not be able to find your passwords, we can help. Our ethical hackers are able to try a staggering amount of variations or use other methods to regain access to your Trezor.

Resetting PIN numbers need to be done carefully, as your attempts are limited to 16, before needing the seed phrase as well. Seed phrases can consist of 12-24 words and can be infinitely harder to crack.

We offer a free consultation to diagnose your situation and determine how we could best assist you in recovering your coins. Apart from that, we can go about making sure that you’re set up properly going forwards. And given the explosive moves that we have seen in crypto for years now, there is no telling what these could be worth going forward.

Working in collaboration with Bukh Law Firm, we are able to assure you that your hard-earned assets will be returned to you.

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